Do I Have To Go To Court?

When you file for Divorce in San Diego County the Court sets a date for a Court hearing called a “Status Conference” approximately 3-5 months after the date your Petition is filed. However, in mediation, we file an agreement with the Petition telling the Court that you are in Mediation and asking the Court to delay the Status Conference for one year. The Court will then give you one year to finalize your divorce. If you are able to complete mediation and get all of your paperwork in to the Court in less than one year, you should not have to go to Court.

However, if it takes longer than one year, you may have to go to your Status Conference and let the Judge know you are still trying to finish your divorce in mediation. The Court will give you more time, but will probably set another status conference in the future. Each Judge has a different policy regarding how much additional time they will give you.

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