Shawn acts as a neutral mediator, educating both parties on the process of divorce. She assists the parties in resolving their own divorce issues and then prepares and files the paperwork with the Court. In mediation, thShawn Skillin San Diego divorce and mediation attorney providing services in family lawe parties maintain control over the process of divorce, how quickly or slowly the process moves along, and the parties control the outcome.

While the mediator may provide general background on divorce law, she does not provide advice to either party. However, each party may consult with his or her own attorney at any time in the process. As long as the Parties are able to reach and agreement and file all required paperwork with the Court in less that 12 months, the Parties should never have to appear in Court. The process is confidential and most financial information also remains confidential. Mediation is the most economical way to divorce!

Estimated cost: $3,500 - $8,000 depending on the complexity of the issues and the number of sessions required to reach agreement.

Collaborative Divorce:
In collaborative divorce, the divorcing parties work with a team of professionals who guide them not only through the legal process but also through the financial issues and the emotional issues involved in their divorce. Each party has his or her own attorney and coach.

The attorney provides the party with legal advice, represents the party in negotiation sessions, and prepares legal documents. The parties and their attorneys sign an agreement which is then filed with the Court stating that they will not litigate their divorce issues. If one party changes his or her mind and withdraws from the collaborative process, both parties must then retain new lawyers.

The Coach:
A a trained mental health professional who works with the client to manage the emotional issues specific to his or her divorce.

The Financial Specialist:
The parties work together with a neutral financial specialist who provides advice on the division of property. He or she may also provide advice on any tax or financial planning issues needing to be addressed.

The Child Specialist:
If children are involved, a trained mental health professional experienced in working with children is available to meet with the children to assess their developmental needs and any other emotional concerns which may arise. The child specialist is also a neutral party who works with both parties.

All members of the team work together to provide the divorcing parties with a custom crafted divorce agreement suited to the specific needs of the family. As in mediation, the parties maintain control over the process, the timing, and the outcome of their own divorce. Personal information, disagreements, and most financial information remain confidential. Most parties never appear in Court.

Estimated cost: $12,000 to $20,000 depending on the complexity of the issues and the number of professionals involved in the team.

Divorce Mediation
In mediation, there is no retainer required up front. You pay at the end of each session.
Sessions are generally scheduled for 2 hours.

$350 per hour

Document Preparation
Various documents are required in a Divorce, some get filed with the court, others do not.
Pay only for what you need. Document preparation fees are paid in advance.

        Petition Package: documents required to initiate your Divorce $350
        Judgment Package: documents required to complete your Divorce $500
        Marital Settlement Agreement: your Divorce contract or formal Agreement.
        This fee varies based on the complexity of your Agreement.
        (Includes the Judgment Package.) *
$1500 - $3500
        Grant Deeds or Interspousal Transfer Deeds: (includes filing fees) $175 each
        Promissory note secured by a Deed of Trust: (includes filing fees) $250 each
        Financial Disclosure Documents $300 per hour

Simple Divorce
For couples with no children, no real property and limited assets and debts.
Includes one three (3) hour session with the mediator and all documents.
(Court filing fees are paid separately)


Collaborative Divorce

$350 per hour

Consultation Services

$350 per hour

Court Filing Fees (fees charged by the Court to file your divorce)


        Stipulation Re: Mediation $20
        Petition $435
        Response $435

If you have questions regarding Services and Fees, please call the office or contact Shawn by e-mail.

*This office does not prepare QDRO’s, additional fees may be required with another professional. Referrals available.

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