Legal Services

Divorce is an uncomfortable transition, with many moving parts, during which you are restructuring your family and your life.  My goal is to help you feel more comfortable being uncomfortable while assisting you in putting the pieces together in a new way. I offer services that provide you with the information and support to make your own decisions, in your own time and control your own outcomes.


   Mediation  Collaborative  Limited Scope
Objective A neutral mediator assists you in making informed decisions. Leverage a team of experts (Attorney, Coach, Financial Professional) to advise you during the transition of divorce. Services à la carte
• What you need
• When you need it
Control Mediator manages the process –
Parties make the decisions.
Team manages the process –
Parties make the decisions.
Professional Support Mediator provides: basic legal information, may suggest options, prepares documents, guides discussions, mediates resolutions.
(Clients can consult with outside Attorneys, CPAS, other resources as needed.)
Expert Team Approach:
• 2 Attorneys
• 2 Coaches
• 1 Financial Professional
• 1 Child Specialist
Depends on service requested.
Timing Moves as quickly or slowly as parties decide. Requires Team coordination. Determined by You
Duration 2–4 sessions over 3–6 months (average) Multiple team meetings
6–12 months (average)
Short term
Retainer No, pay as you go. Yes Depends on scope of work requested.
Overall Cost Least Expensive $–$$
$4000 – $10,000
Moderately Expensive $$$
$30,000 – $40,000
Service Based – See List
   Mediation  Collaborative  Limited Scope


Details of the different legal services and divorce options are available upon request.
Information in this table is for illustration purposes only and is not guaranteed to be an accurate prediction for your case.