COVID-19 UPDATE: Covid-19 has added additional stress for many of us. As a former nurse I am acutely aware of the concerns we all share. I’m still here and available to help you solve your family law issues.  Mediations and consultations are available by phone and video conferencing.  You can keep moving forward. Call me at 619-985-4880 to find out how.  In the meantime, take care and stay healthy.

Are you overwhelmed? Uncomfortable?
Looking for someone to help you bring the pieces together?

Consider a Practical Divorce Attorney in Shawn Skillin. She will meet you exactly where you are and acknowledge the turmoil that you are experiencing.  Shawn uses a practical approach that anchors you in a functional, proposal-based resolution process to move you through the transition of divorce. The Goal? Moving you on in a healthy way without being destroyed by the divorce process.

Personalized Divorce Transition Services

Choose from personalized and practical divorce transition management services below.

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Are you interested in avoiding the hectic and stressful court system? Do you want to preserve your assets and avoid giving your life savings to attorneys and experts? Would you like personalized outcomes that fit your unique family needs? Then, a practical divorce mediation might be just for you.

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Having trouble negotiating with your spouse?  Do you have questions about the best parenting plan for your children?  Are you confused by the finances of divorce? If you want to stay out of court, then this practical divorce team approach is comprehensive and supportive.

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Just need a document or two prepared? Limited scope support in an à la carte fashion.

Are you looking for a do-it-yourself type of divorce? Do you need a more affordable way to divorce? Is all you need preparation or review of a document or two? Get just what you need, when you need it, through Practical Divorce Attorney, Shawn Skillin’s limited scope support.

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Meet Divorce Mediation Expert Shawn Skillin

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After 24 years in Family Law and 12 years as a Critical Care and Trauma Nurse, I believe the people best suited to make decisions on their divorce are the two people involved.  As a Practical Divorce Attorney, I provide information to help you formulate those decisions to move on in a healthy and positive way. My goal is to help you and your family avoid being destroyed financially or emotionally by your divorce. Whether you have young children, grown children or no children, my goal is to help you preserve your family relationships even though your family structure is changing.

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Video Conferencing and Online Mediation and Consultations Available.