Divorce Mediation

Reaching your own unique solutions

conflict and resolution puzzle pieceThe objective of divorce mediation is to assist the parties in reaching their own unique solutions that work for their own family.

  • Relaxed and informal setting
  • Explore various options
  • Legal information on family law issues and the divorce process
  • The parties make the decisions
  • The parties control the timing

Shawn can help you brainstorm ideas based on her years of experience in solving hundreds of these “divorce mediation puzzles”, but you and your spouse will always control the outcome. She has a unique ability to see these puzzles from each party’s perspective, recognize and acknowledge the turmoil and emotions involved, and yet move you forward and bring you together in making cooperative decisions for you and your children. Divorce Mediation is your least expensive option. Most cases resolve in 2 to 4 sessions over 3 to 6 months. You control the timing. You make the decisions. Pay as you go – no retainer required!

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Video Conferencing and Online Mediation and Consultations Available.