Meet Shawn Skillin

Shawn D. Skillin, - Personalized Divorce Transitions What Makes Shawn Unique?

Shawn has spent the last 36 years dealing with families in crisis. The most recent 24 years as a family lawyer, and the prior 12 years as an intensive care and trauma resuscitation nurse.  In addition, Shawn is a child of divorce and has been through divorce herself. This unique combination of work and life experience gives her the ability to see all sides of your issues and concerns, including those of your children.

Divorce is a crisis very similar to a medical crisis, where the entire family is affected on many levels.  In both cases, the best approach is a solution oriented one, where everyone works together to identify the options for moving forward in a healthy, positive way.  Because of this combined 35 years of dealing with families in crisis, Shawn has developed an effective, pragmatic, and solution oriented approach to family law services in mediation and collaborative divorce.

Shawn’s Approach

Shawn’s focus is on identifying where you are in your divorce transition, helping you in identifying options, and assisting you in evaluating each option in order to decide what works best for you and your family.  She will remain personally involved in all aspects of your divorce.  Shawn views divorce as an uncomfortable transition with many moving parts, where you are restructuring your family and your life.  To that end, she strives to help you feel more comfortable being uncomfortable, while assisting you in putting the pieces back together.

You can count on Shawn to give honest information in a straightforward manner, so you know exactly where you stand. In working together, you will find that she uses common language to assist you in understanding complex issues.

Since this process is important to you and personal to you, Shawn’s priority is to get back to you in 24 hours.

Experience Snapshot

  • 24 years as a Divorce Lawyer
  • 18 years providing family law services mediation and collaborative divorce
  • 12 years as an Intensive Care and Trauma Resuscitation Nurse
  • Trained Collaborative Divorce Practitioner
  • Trained in managing high conflict divorces
  • Former Minor’s Counsel Attorney
  • Mediation Trainer to other legal, mental health and family support professionals throughout the US
  • Speaker, Consultant and Trainer on Mediation and Managing High Conflict People


  • J.D. from the University of San Diego School of Law, J.D. 1994
  • Nursing from San Diego State University, 1982
  • California Bar #176719
  • Supreme Court of California, 1995 to Present
  • United States District Court, 1995 to Present

Professional Certificates

  • Advanced Mediator, Academy of Professional Family Mediators, 2012


For more details on Shawn’s experience, education and training, you may view her LinkedIn Profile


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