Collaborative Divorce

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In a Collaborative Divorce, Shawn would be your personal Collaborative Divorce Attorney. She will work with you as you navigate the many, confusing and sometimes overwhelming decisions you face in your divorce.

Shawn’s experience in solving hundreds of divorce puzzles makes her a valuable person to have in your corner. You and your spouse work with a team of experienced and specially trained, collaborative divorce professionals. Shawn’s ability to recognize the emotional turmoil of divorce and normalize the divorce process makes her an essential professional to have on your team.

See how Collaborative Divorce works below.

In a Collaborative Divorce, Shawn would be your personal Collaborative Divorce Attorney.

The Team:

Collaborative Attorneys:

You and your spouse each have your own attorney. Your attorneys are there to support you during this process and provide legal information, advise and strategy. No need to be overwhelmed with negotiating the many decisions that need to be made when your attorney is there to advise and assist you.

Collaborative Coach:

You will have your own Mental Health professional to provide you with emotional support. This is not therapy, it is emotional support and skills based intervention on a limited basis during your divorce. Your Coach will help you work through some of the emotions you are experiencing and give you coping skills to manage them. Your Coach can help you set your priorities and assist you in communicating those priorities and concerns to your spouse.

Financial Professional: 

The two of you work with a Divorce Financial professional to analyze your financial options. How can we divide our assets to best provide for both parties? What will our cash flow look like? Can one of us afford to keep the house? Your trained financial professional can help you address these questions and more.

Child Specialist: 

If you have children, you may also choose to work with a Child Specialist to identify any issues your children are having, learn how to address those issues and to develop a parenting plan that suits your family and its unique needs. The child specialist works with both parties. The child specialist can even meet with your children to find out what their concerns are.

Collaborative Divorce Agreement:

All professionals and both spouses sign a Collaborative Divorce Agreement that no one will go to court. This Agreement contains a disqualification clause that prevents these professionals from representing either party should you drop out of the Collaborative process and go to court. Therefore, everyone has incentive to stay in the Collaborative process and work out an agreement.

An excellent option for those couples that need additional support in working through the Divorce Process or who have more complicated situations.

    • More expensive than Mediation, but less costly than Litigation.
    • A moderate retainer is required.
    • A child/family centered process.
    • You and your spouse make the decisions.


Call Shawn at (619) 299-4880 or complete our inquiry form to learn more about collaborative divorce and if it’s a good option for your unique situation.


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